My Dearest Magnolia

Posted by Kargor "Viperhand"

My dearest Magnolia,

Though the days pass where not a single of the suns rays fall upon my face that I do not crave your softest caress, my will to persevere has never been stronger. My nights are cold and my bed full of unrest with every moment I do not have you next to me.

I wish only you could have seen my courage and swiftness of blade upon my last encounter. With sharp whit and keen might, drove I, more than six of the most foul creatures that the depths of the pit could produce back into that foul abyss from whence they so desperately slid from.

I am more than hopeful, and greatly encouraged of my return to my noble name and title, to hold that and you together once more will awash my life with noble glory, and humble heart.

To you, my deepest love.