Welcome to the World of Greyhawk

Enter a World of Wonder & Intrigue…

…a world where bandit kings raid from their remote stronghold;

…a world where noble elves fight savage invaders and where bold knights wage war on the terror of Iuz;

…a world scarred by a vast Sea of Dust, across which drift lost memories from the awful, forgotten past.

Enter The World of Greyhawk Fantasy Game Setting, an interactive world filled with decaying empires, dark forests, and petty Gods.

Welcome to the Village of Hommlet

Barely large enough to be called a proper ‘village,’ Hommlet has grown up around a crossroads on the edge of a vast wood. Once far from any important activity, it became embroiled in the struggle between Gods and demons when the Temple of Elemental Evil arose but a few leagues away. Luckily for its inhabitants, the Temple and its evil hordes were destroyed a decade ago, but Hommlet still suffers from incursions of bandits and strange monsters…

Welcome to the Barrowmaze

Local villagers whisper of a mysterious place deep in the marsh — a place shrouded in mist and dotted with barrow mounds, ruined columns, and standing stones. The tomb-robbers who explore beneath the mounds, or rather the few who return, tell tales of labyrinthine passages, magnificent grave goods, and terrifying creatures waiting in the dark.

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Are you brave (or foolish) enough to enter Barrowmaze?