Letter to the Duke

Posted by Greedo

To the Duke of the Duchy of Erik,

My compatriots and I did indeed descend into the mound described by your son, Prince Krothos, in his diary delivered to us by yourself in the Inn of the Welcome Wench. We arrived to the mound in question to discover that the 8-ton (?) coverstone was demolished into halves, one of which had been drawn a distance away from the entrance, granting passage into the tomb below. Upon the ground we observed the tread of a great party descending down the carved stone stairs. Inside, we found a burial site of old. 6 niches were cut out of the walls surrounding a stone pedestal upon which rested an ancient ornate sword, encrusted with gems and covered in a layer of centuries of dust. They cared not for searching the tomb, only for carving through a wall to the east. They discovered a room on the other side, but were quickly overcome with spiders. In the room, we discovered a man named Thrang, a friend of mine. Definitely a qualified adventurer. It appears as though he was hired by your son to assist in the plundering of the mound in the swamp. We were set upon by 3 skeletons shortly after, and, after dispatching that malevolent hamper, were chased out of the tomb by the six in the initial chamber after I myself took the sword from the pedestal.

We have retreated, for the night, back to Homlett, and will return with haste on the morrow to the swamp. I have a feeling that there is a great evil in that dungeon...Your son may have opened up a book that no one in Flanaess was prepared to read.

-Yours for the moment,

Greedo and Co.